PCD Flash File, Firmware, Rom Free Download

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I am a very economical person and also one of the PCD users. Are you also using a PCD Android device? Whenever my mobile phone enters the aging stage, I will try my best to turn it into a young mobile phone.

My solution is to flash my PCD phone, it can bring my phone back to life. Did you get excited when you saw this? I can't wait to share with you a website that I've been using recently. That is - oprom.org.

PCD Flash File, Firmware, Rom Free Download Update

oprom.org is a professional website that provides Infos on PCD Flashing File, firmware, and rom for Android device! If your device is PCD Android and want to flash your device , then come to oprom.org is right. 
Here are the firmwares for the PCD brand models owned by this site: 

( Click the below phone model name and you can find the downlaod page)

I found this site there is not advertising, also the latest and most complete firmwares are including here, and the most important is that the website provided free download and free registration service! That’s why I am so recommend it to you.

Now I want to explain the benefits of flashing, which can make you more trust this method.

The specific benefits are summarized as the following:

1.Reverting the device back to stock.

2.Updating the device to latest android version.

3.Fixing boot loop issues on your device.

4.Improving your software performance.

5.Fixing Stutter on your device.

All in all, when your PCD android device have some problem, you can go to this site to find your model's flash file to download. 

Hope you will enjoy itπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—!

GB WhatsApp 10.20 Download


GB WhatsApp Official
official site:gbwsapp.com

 GB WhatsApp Download

Click to learn more about GB WhatsApp 10.20 Download

GB WhatsApp 10.20 is a popular WhatsApp mod that offers a range of additional features and options for better chat and communication management. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, GB WhatsApp 10.20 can be a great choice if you are looking for an alternative to the official WhatsApp. Here is some detailed information about GB WhatsApp 10.20 and a guide on how to download the latest version from the official website gbwsapp.com.

Features of GB WhatsApp 10.20

  • Allows users to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts in one application.
  • Provides more themes and customization options for users to personalize their WhatsApp experience.
  • Supports hiding the recent contacts list, as well as hiding online status and blue read receipts.
  • Allows users to send larger files, including video and audio files.
  • Supports using custom fonts and emojis in WhatsApp.

System Requirements for GB WhatsApp 10.20

GB WhatsApp 10.20 can be downloaded and installed on a range of different smartphone systems. Here are the system requirements for some of the most popular smartphone systems:

  • Android:
    Android 4.0 and above operating system, at least 1GB of RAM, and at least 100MB of available storage space.
  • iOS:
    iOS 10 and above operating system, at least 2GB of RAM, and at least 100MB of available storage space.

How to Download GB WhatsApp 10.20

To download GB WhatsApp 10.20, follow these steps:

  • Open your smartphone's settings menu.
  • Go to the security settings and enable the "Unknown sources" option.
  • Open your browser and visit the official website gbwsapp.com.
  • Find the download link for GB WhatsApp 10.20 on the website and click to download.
  • Once the download is complete, open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install.

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GB WhatApp-Preventing Media Restoration in GB WhatsApp

gb whatapp

GB WhatsApp Download Official
Official Website: gbws.pk
Visit for more about GB WhatsApp latest.

It is a common occurrence for WhatsApp users to experience a sudden lack of memory on their phones due to the automatic data backup to local memory and cloud services. The same is true for GB WhatsApp. Fortunately, you can stop restoring media in GB WhatApp (GB WhatsApp). Let's dive in!

Firstly, it is crucial to understand why you need to stop backing up GB WhatApp (GB WhatsApp) data on your phone.

Consideration of mobile phone security risks is the most important reason and is of great concern to many users during the usage process. Additionally, it causes the phone to run out of storage as media files such as photos and videos are automatically saved to the local storage, leading to long-term storage depletion.

Secondly, let's discuss how to stop restoring media on an Android phone. The method for Android is straightforward as you only need to adjust the frequency of the auto-backup.

Follow the steps below to change it:

  • Launch GB WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  • Next, click on the three dots located at the top right corner and select Chats.
  • Select Chat Backup and tap on "Back up to Google Drive" under "Google Drive Settings."
  • Choose "Never," and GB WhatsApp will stop backing up data to Google Drive.
  • Remember to turn off the Media visibility option to prevent media files from downloading directly to your phone gallery.

Thirdly, let's discuss how to stop restoring media on an iPhone. Most iPhone users store their data in iCloud, but it usually has insufficient storage. GB WhatsApp is no exception and backs up data in iCloud. To stop restoring media on your iPhone.

Follow the steps below:

Method 1:

  • Open Settings and tap on the name of your iPhone.
  • Select iCloud and find GB WhatsApp.
  • Switch the toggle to "OFF" to disable backups, preventing WhatsApp from uploading data, including backups, to iCloud.

Method 2:

  • Launch GB WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on Settings.
  • Select Chats and Chat Backup.
  • Click on the Auto Backup option to turn it off, and you have stopped restoring media on your iPhone.

Remember, these methods can be reversed, and you can choose to back up again whenever you want.

Visit official website: gbws.pk for more info about GB WhatApp-Preventing Media Restoration in GB WhatsApp

Free Download Itel A22 Flash File, Firmware, Rom


Is your phone an Itel A22? Today's blog post is about the Itel A22 Flash File, Firmware, Rom. Without further ado, let's get started.

Does your Itel A22 device suffer from any of the following conditions

1.Low memory and frequent lagging. The longer you use your phone, the more your phone becomes occupied with all sorts of files, photos, applications etc. This can lead to your phone not having enough storage to the point where your phone doesn't work.

2.Battery issues. The longer you use the battery, the less it will last. Or your improper charging method can also damage your battery.

3.Security issues. When your phone becomes "weak" it is vulnerable to viruses and various security risks.

Free Download Itel A22 Flash File, Firmware, Rom

Seeing this, are you thinking about how to solve these problems? Here's a simple and quick solution: update the firmware on your phone.

On the site oprom.org there is a very large and complete collection of firmware files available for download. There are no annoying advertisements or other irrelevant files on the site, and what's more it is completely free.

πŸ‘‰Click Here You Can Download Itel A22 Flash File Firmware Rom For Free.

The benefits of downloading the Itel A22 firmware are as follows:

1.Reverting the device back to stock.

2.Updating the device to latest android version.

3.Fixing boot loop issues on your device.

4.Improving your software performance

5.Fixing Stutter on your device


1. Before downloading, Must make sure take a backup of Your ROM and Personal data as it will Deleted after flashing the stock firmware.

2. Please confirm Your Phone Have at least 40-50% Charge when flashing your device.

3. Disclaimer: Firmware flashing is a tedious process and should be carried out only if you have enough knowledge. Some imformation is collected by internet, We will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

✅The steps for Flashing the Itel A22 are as follows:

  1. Download and install USB Driver on the PC.
  2. Download and extract the Flash Image Loader on the PC.
  3. Open QFIL.exe to launch QFIL Tool.
  4. Keep your phone off,Long press the mobile phone volume button +,connect the phone with a USB.
  5. Click on the Browse Button after locate and Select the Scatter File
  6. Begin the Flashing Process by clicking on the Download Button
  7. Wait for a few minutes to finish the flashing.
  8. When the Flashing process is completed,close the Flash Tool on the computer and Disconnect the Device.

At the End, I hope this article will be of help to you. If you are interested in us, you can follow us. Your support is our motivation to keep updating. Thank you.

Free Download Itel A22 Flash File, Firmware, Rom

Download Flash File Firmware Rom on The Latest Website

Android phones have many models and versions of firmware for you to choose from. There are tons of firmware websites out there, but choosing a secure and effective one can be difficult. So here I would like to share with you a website that I personally feel good about using. This site is oprom.org. I found it convenient and professional. This website gives me the following four feelings:

1.Detailed Tutorials : you can step by step to follow it to flash your device with the firmware. 

2.No Advertising: There you will not be bother by any advertising, just get the informant what you want

3.Free Download , Free Registration Service

4.Clear Classification: you can find the firmware what you want easier.

Download Flash File Firmware Rom on The Latest Website

πŸ‘‰Click here you can get into the oprom.org to find your model firmware.

I think you all understand the advantages and disadvantages of firmware, but it is important to explain the concept of firmware and the need for it here.

According to one definition, the firmware in Android is the bridge between the hardware and the operating system. The firmware on a device contains only the necessary instructions for the hardware to work with the operating system installed on the device.  A firmware update can improve the functionality and features of your device. It can provide a fix for any performance issues that may occur, like Unbrick the device, Upgrade or downgrade Mobile OS, Fix OTA update issue, Fix a problem with the device startup loop, Fix bugs, battery drain issue on your phone, 

Fix Lag or Stuttering on the device. As technology continues to change, firmware updates also help the device to remain competitive with newer models.

Before Downloading Remember:

[*] Personal data as it will Deleted after flashing the stock firmware. So please back up your personal data first.

[*] Please confirm Your Phone Have at least 40-50% Charge when flashing your device.

Have you learned anything after all this introduction? If you are interested, then please follow us! Your support is our motivation to share. Hope you will enjoy this. Thank you.

What's New in Yo WhatsApp V9.45 - Yo WhatsApp update

 A day ago, Yo WhatsApp received an important update: The developers released Yo WhatsApp V9.45, which not only optimizes existing functions, but also brings a lot of new ones.  If you haven't tried Yo WhatsApp V9.45 yet, stay curious and read on!

What's New in Yo WhatsApp V9.45 - Yo WhatsApp update

What's new in Yo WhatsApp V9.45.

Preview images/videos

In previous versions, previewing images/videos meant that they were downloaded at the same time.  This was very detrimental to the memory of our phone.  Following user feedback, the development team made a decision.  In Yo WhatsApp V9.45, the ability to preview images/videos and upload images/videos is separate.  It's cute!  Even if you don't have much memory on your phone or don't want to waste it, you can preview all the images/videos and then select your favorites to download them (download path: three dots - save gallery).

Streaming status

Nowadays, many users prefer to use the status.  With this update, the status function has also been changed.  In the old version, it was only possible to publish or delete statuses.  In Yo WhatsApp V9.45, however, you have the option to edit a downloaded status.  The reason for this is that sometimes we want to change a status, but we already have friends who like our status and therefore we don't want to delete it.  The option to repost a status gives us more power.

Polls and votes

In previous versions, it was not possible to launch polls or group surveys.  But Yo WhatsApp V9.45 brings this function.  If you've updated to the latest version of Yo WhatsApp, you can try this helpful poll and vote.

The functionality of Yo WhatsApp V9.45 has been optimized.

  • The stability of the theme has been optimized.  The use of the theme has become more stable, without the small problems that appeared before.
  • Anti-lock has been optimized.  Yo WhatsApp V9.45 will be the most stable and secure of all versions of Yo WhatsApp.
  • Translation optimization.  In YoMods > Universal > Settings, you can set which Yo WhatsApp language should be translated into.
  • Some existing problems have been corrected.

After reading this article, you certainly know as well as I do the new features of Yo WhatsApp V9.45.  Yo WhatsApp is a very powerful application.  It is difficult for all of us to resist.  This article is just an introduction to the new features that are coming with the Yo WhatsApp update.  If you want to know more about Yo WhatsApp, visit the official website: YO WhatsApp update

How to Transfer YO WhatsApp data to New Phone on WhatsApp?

Many people think that transferring data from YO WhatsApp to the original WhatsApp in another device is a complicated task. However, I’m here to tell you that this is far too simple, and you just have to follow these steps.

Click here to YOWhatsapp update latest version from official website

First you need to back up the YO WhatsApp data on your current phone.

Open your phone’s file manager and find the yowhatsapp data you have just backed up. You will find that the data is in a folder named “YoWhatsApp”, then you will need to change the name to “WhatsApp”. In addition, any subfolders in this folder with the name “YO WhatsApp Audio” need to be renamed to “WhatsApp Audio”.

Next you will need a data cable that connects your current phone to a computer. Transfer the folder of WhatsApp from your phone to the desktop of the computer.

Install WhatsApp on the other new phone and sign in to your account.

Link the new phone to your computer with the data cable,then transfer the WhatsApp folder from the computer’s desktop to the internal storage space of the new phone

Finally, launch your WhatsApp on the phone and allow the app to access some of your some datas. When the “Backup” message pops up in the interface window, click “Restore”. Once the data has been restored, click Next.

How to Transfer YO WhatsApp data to New Phone on WhatsApp?

That’s it! You have finally transferred your YO WhatsApp data from your old phone to WhatsApp on your new phone.