What's New in Yo WhatsApp V9.45 - Yo WhatsApp update

 A day ago, Yo WhatsApp received an important update: The developers released Yo WhatsApp V9.45, which not only optimizes existing functions, but also brings a lot of new ones.  If you haven't tried Yo WhatsApp V9.45 yet, stay curious and read on!

What's New in Yo WhatsApp V9.45 - Yo WhatsApp update

What's new in Yo WhatsApp V9.45.

Preview images/videos

In previous versions, previewing images/videos meant that they were downloaded at the same time.  This was very detrimental to the memory of our phone.  Following user feedback, the development team made a decision.  In Yo WhatsApp V9.45, the ability to preview images/videos and upload images/videos is separate.  It's cute!  Even if you don't have much memory on your phone or don't want to waste it, you can preview all the images/videos and then select your favorites to download them (download path: three dots - save gallery).

Streaming status

Nowadays, many users prefer to use the status.  With this update, the status function has also been changed.  In the old version, it was only possible to publish or delete statuses.  In Yo WhatsApp V9.45, however, you have the option to edit a downloaded status.  The reason for this is that sometimes we want to change a status, but we already have friends who like our status and therefore we don't want to delete it.  The option to repost a status gives us more power.

Polls and votes

In previous versions, it was not possible to launch polls or group surveys.  But Yo WhatsApp V9.45 brings this function.  If you've updated to the latest version of Yo WhatsApp, you can try this helpful poll and vote.

The functionality of Yo WhatsApp V9.45 has been optimized.

  • The stability of the theme has been optimized.  The use of the theme has become more stable, without the small problems that appeared before.
  • Anti-lock has been optimized.  Yo WhatsApp V9.45 will be the most stable and secure of all versions of Yo WhatsApp.
  • Translation optimization.  In YoMods > Universal > Settings, you can set which Yo WhatsApp language should be translated into.
  • Some existing problems have been corrected.

After reading this article, you certainly know as well as I do the new features of Yo WhatsApp V9.45.  Yo WhatsApp is a very powerful application.  It is difficult for all of us to resist.  This article is just an introduction to the new features that are coming with the Yo WhatsApp update.  If you want to know more about Yo WhatsApp, visit the official website: YO WhatsApp update